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Giving Life

It is a cold fact of post-jail life: Once inmates are released, too often they are left on their own. Sometimes they are released in the middle of the night with no one to greet them and nowhere to go. It is no wonder many former inmates find themselves incarcerated again a short time later.

First Orlando and The Hope Church are tackling this very real problem head-on by providing a place for these released women to go. Lydia House is a transitional home where women can reside from ten to twelve months until they are ready to play an active role in society.

The Lydia House  is divided into three phases. The first 30 days is an orientation period followed by three phase program of teaching, healing and restoration. Each woman is lead on a journey toward the life Christ has called us to live in Him.

1 Comment

Demelza 9:41 am - 11th September:

Your story was raelly informative, thanks!